Our product encompasses many innovations to offer a robust, reliable system that helps you get the most out of your AdWords.



Data Virtualization

User Interaction Data Collection
AdWords has data for all of your ads and keywords, but finding and organizing it can be hard. We create virtual overlays that help to organize your data and make it easy to see where we can get the most lift in performance. See how words like “cheap” or “cute” are performing across all of your ad campaigns without having to create explicit keywords or reorganize your campaigns. Using overlays, we can compare the performance of these keywords to determine which are performing well and which could be improved.

Assessing AdWords data is resource intensive and error-prone, especially for large enterprise accounts. There is no simple way to extract data like quality score or its three attributes, and it is difficult to separate the Google Search and Search Partners networks data. We aggregate and assess your data to improve your ad performance. Our system extracts all of the hard-to-view data and separates the data from different networks, as well as aggregating lifetime performance data to gain a full assessment of your AdWords account. We also project ad group performance and traffic using statistical power analyses to create groups of ads and keywords that are used during analysis and testing.




Performance Power Analyses
Our software performs an account-wide analysis to help determine the best way to optimize ad content across your entire AdWords account. The Account Data Assessment gathers KPI metrics, ad copy, and keywords from the entire account history, and provides a comprehensive look at how the account is working overall, and how costs, clicks, and conversions are distributed. This first step illuminates and defines the most productive areas of the account, the long tail and everything in between, with additional considerations towards the existing Account Structure and Business Goals.




AI-Driven Ad Generation
SmartAd™ creates thousands of machine-generated ads by using words and phrases gathered from your existing AdWords account (Ngrams), other external sources (Motivations and Triggers), and Natural Language Generation (NLG) algorithms.

After generating new ads for your account, we use a Natural Language Processing (NLP) machine learning model to train a predictive scoring model created specifically for your AdWords account. All of the ads are then run through the Performance Predictor model, which scores each ad according to both the predicted performance of that ad and the confidence estimates for that prediction.

Skilled analysts then curate these ads using NLP clustering and ad scoring capabilities, ultimately creating predictably high-performing ads and deploying them into your AdWords account using SmartDeploy™.




A new ad promotion could mean creating and deploying hundreds of thousands of ads, but this process is error-prone and incredibly time-consuming. The MotiveMetrics SmartDeploy™ system is tuned to make it easy. Our system automatically optimizes ad and keyword deployments in Google Adword accounts. It takes care of all changes to ad content including pausing and unpausing ads as well as adding new promotional ads into the targeted campaigns and ad groups with the right copy, paths, labels, and final URLs. SmartDeploy™ also sweeps the account to remove any outdated ads.

Before deployment:
  • Check ad groups for existing ads
  • Check ad groups for ad count limits
  • Expand new unique ads to cover the range of ad groups
  • Convert ad templates into final ads by substituting values in for each token
During and after deployment:
  • New ads are uploaded and enabled in targeted areas via the Google API
  • Verification that all ads were deployed properly



SmartTest™ uses advanced statistical methodologies on aggregated AdWords data and quality scores in order to extract accurate results.

Leveraging an advanced statistical analysis technique called Power Analysis, the system identifies the optimal number of ads to be tested, giving consideration to the amount of time available to test. Once we have determined the areas to test, we generate ads.

Our software then automatically and efficiently identifies and pauses ads in the testing group that are statistically proven not to be top performers, thus directing more impressions to the remaining ads.

After testing is over, the top ad or ads are left running in your account, and the resulting data is used by SmartAd™ to create new high-performing ads for the future.