Account Structure Optimization | SmartMap

In order to win more customers, it is imperative that every component of your account is optimized.


If you want your keywords and ads to be in an optimal state at any given point in time, you need the right structure of campaigns and ad groups that optimize keyword-ad pairings. MotiveMetrics leverages AI to automatically build and dynamically maintain the optimal account structure -- inclusive of keywords and ads -- to align the best ad with each search query. The result is a campaign structure that is adjusted to each potential customer through unprecedented performance-based granularity and coherency in your campaigns.

No-Risk Reorganization

Create an optimal campaign structure of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads while maintaining performance and history.

Ad Group Coherency

Our software ensures that every ad/keyword pairing in every ad group are semantically coherent using rule-based logic.

Search Intent Incorporation

Map out your entire account structure by incorporating Motivation Search Intent in the formation of campaigns and ad groups.

Bid Integration

We build out the optimal account structure you need to get the biggest payoff with your bidding platforms, including match-type separation.

Smart Deployment

SmartMap minimizes disruption and manages every aspect of deployment while checking that everything is updated.

Real-time Maintenance

As new performance data comes in, the account structure is updated to improve granularity for higher performing keywords.