Account Structure Optimization | SmartKeyword

Don’t just increase your keyword count.
Find keywords that count.


As customer search intent and competitiveness for keywords change, your account’s keyword set must change as well. Using AI and machine learning, our software identifies new keywords that have a high-probability of success by understanding the value of a word to your business at any given point in time. This data-driven and semantic approach enables an efficient and cost effective approach to new customer acquisition.

Keyword Generation

Continuously identify and deploy new, relevant keywords with a high propensity to perform and improve spend efficiencies.

Keyword Injection

Evaluate keywords through algorithm-driven tech and automatically inject them on a regular basis to increase market share and keyword coverage.

Bidding Integration

With real-time keyword monitoring and adjustments to trends, you can outsmart the competition and get as granular as possible to achieve top bid efficiency.

Automatic Keyword Removals

Reduce keyword clutter through rejection rules that will automatically remove and track keywords to prevent them from being re-injected into your account.

Ngram Search Term Analysis

Semantically analyze any word in your account and see the impact it has based on a wide variety of factors, such as topic, performance metrics, and more.