Account Structure Optimization | SmartAd

Leave the guesswork behind with AI-driven ad generation.


SmartAd makes managing your ads easy using a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create, update, and deploy ads. Our advanced technology allows every ad to be personalized based on several factors such as search intent, brand, merchandise, keyword, offer etc. – so that your customers and prospective customers see the ads that matter to them. We also make sure ad content is accurate by keeping track of promotional brand content, adhering to ad guidelines, and being Google compliant. This automates traditional time-consuming ad management tasks such as managing promotions, creating new ads, updating ad copy, and ad testing thus freeing up needed cycles to dedicate to growth initiatives.

Rapid Personalized Ad Generation

Simultaneously generate and deploy 1000’s of high performing ads while tailoring them both to users and your goals.

Cross-Channel Creative Injection

Expand your creative library by inserting new copy from other sources, such as Twitter or your website, to further drive predictable increases in clicks.

Proactive Copy Updates

Our software is smart enough to find the best ad copy for upcoming campaigns based on multiple dimensions including seasonality, holidays, and more.

High-Throughput Multivariate Testing

Find out which ads drive the highest quality traffic quickly, so you can better allocate marketing spend.

Continuous Improvement

As more ads are running in the account, the machine gets smarter and smarter - generating more varied and creative ads.

Adaptive Ads

Google is quickly expanding its ad content offerings. We make easy to keep up with new ad formats, such as Expanded Text Ads and Responsive Search Ads.