Remove the time-intensive complexities of ad management with thoughtful automation.


Automated Deployment

Save time and prevent human error by automatically deploying ad changes at scale with minimal disruption. 

Keyword Optimization

Improve keyword performance by easily updating and splitting out keywords to gain greater exposure and personalization.

Fast Ad Generation

React and adjust to changing business and market dynamics in real-time with automated ad generation.


Quickly and continuously improve quality scores, relevance, and more with perfectly targeted ads.


Optimal Ad-Keyword Pairing

Increase ad relevance and more by dynamically aligning ads to their optimal keywords.

Personalized Ad Creation

Leave the guesswork behind with AI-driven ad copy that's relevant to your account and customers based on search intent.

Efficient Testing

Find the best ads efficiently with our automated high-throughput multivariate testing methodology.


Turn AdWords into a big data platform by unlocking insights you can't find anywhere else.


AdWords Virtualization

Break down your AdWords data at a more granular level and aggregate it in ways that simply didn’t exist until now.

Ngram Analysis

See a comparative view of the impact that any given word or phrase has on campaigns across your entire account.

Proactive Monitoring

Track insights unique to your business and see hidden metrics not available in AdWords today, giving you a competitive edge.