MotiveMetrics PPC Optimization

Continuously improve Quality Scores, Ad Relevance, and more with perfectly targeted ads.



Increase ad relevance by dynamically aligning ads and promotions to their optimal keywords.

Dynamic Ad Targeting
Our software continuously evaluates performance metrics to dynamically align existing ads and promotions to their optimal keywords, resulting in high ad relevance and improved quality scores.



Leave the guesswork behind with AI-driven ad copy that's relevant to your account and customer's search intent. 

Ngram-Driven Ad Generation
Each of your ads consists of several words and phrases that contribute to the overall performance of the ad. Using a Natural Language Generation algorithm, our software deconstructs your ads into ngrams, and then analyzes and rates each word and phrase individually as well as form combinations. The resulting data is used to recombine and create more effective ads.

Tokens and Templates
Vastly outperform Dynamic Keyword Insertion and Ad Customizers by creating ad templates and then personalizing them with relevant, granular ad copy - called tokens. Our software creates sets of templates and tokens for each ad group based on your AdWords account data, social accounts, landing pages, and our motivational profiles. When new ads are needed, these tokens are substituted by each of their respective values, such as {color} or {product}, into the ad templates - allowing you to quickly generate unique ads prior to deployment.

Motivation and Trigger Injection
Inject words and phrases derived from the psychological profiling of your target audience. These words are based on proprietary consumer behavior research and measurement that integrates and builds upon over 70 years of well-established psychological science, allowing for predictably high performing ads.


Success Stories

See how 1-800-Flowers generated a 24.6X return with MotiveMetrics PPC Service.

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Find the best ads efficiently with our automated high-throughput multivariate testing methodology. 

Efficient Testing
Data is a key component to test efficiently. Our system performs an account-wide analysis to help determine how best to improve. Once we have the test plan, we generate and test ads in parallel and in high volume. Through automated and continuous ad pruning, we leave the top ads running in your account and use the results to create new high-performing ads in the future.



Remove the time intensive complexities of ad management with thoughtful automation.


Turn AdWords into a big data platform by unlocking insights you can't find anywhere else.