MotiveMetrics PPC Management

Remove the time-intensive complexities of ad management with software automation.



Save time and prevent human error by automatically deploying ad changes at scale with minimal disruption.

Easy Scheduling
From flash promotions to a change of marketing messaging, lots of outside demands are placed on your account. Set up various upcoming ad changes in just a few clicks and keep your ads and promotions on track using our task scheduler, ensuring that all your ads are kept up-to-date and adhere to your ad copy guidelines.

Creating new ad groups could mean creating and deploying thousands of ads, but this process is error-prone and incredibly time-consuming. Our ad deployment system automatically manages ad and keyword deployments, including updated ad guidelines and offers, paths, labels, and final URLs. Ads are also validated against AdWords copy restrictions, such as character lengths and invalid use of exclamation points.

Tracking and Verification
Know what is being done, what stage it’s in, and if anything needs your attention.



Improve keyword performance by easily updating and splitting out keywords to gain greater exposure and personalization.

KeywordWatch monitors and improves keyword performance. We do this by establishing and evaluating KPI thresholds, generating new ad groups to split out keywords to gain greater exposure and personalization, rejecting keywords using matching rules, and identifying new profitable keywords. The software generates new ad groups that can be approved and implemented in just a few clicks.


Success Stories

See how JustFab responded to dynamic market conditions and deployed 1.7 million new ads in just 3 days.

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React and adjust to market dynamics and competitive threats in real-time with fast, automated ad generation.

Automated Ad Generation
Easily generate 1000’s of new ads with technology that includes highly trained Machine Learning Models specific to your account along with artificial intelligence capabilities that generate the optimal personalization.



 Continuously improve Quality Scores, Ad Relevance, and more with perfectly targeted ads.


Turn AdWords into a big data platform by unlocking insights you can't find anywhere else.