MotiveMetrics PPC Audience Insights

Turn AdWords into a big data platform by unlocking insights you can't find anywhere else.



Break down your data at a more granular level, and aggregate it in ways that simply don’t exist today.

Slice and dice your account in an infinite number of ways to deliver insight like nothing that exists today. By creating a flexible system to group keywords, ads and ad groups, we are no longer limited to the constraints of the AdWords physical account structure of campaigns and ad groups.



See the impact that any given word has on campaigns across your account.

Using lexical classifications, we create new virtual groupings based on a wide variety of factors, such as topic, activity, descriptive words, user motivations, performance metrics and/or product category. Through this, we can compare the performance of these words to determine which are performing well, and which could be improved.  



Gain peace of mind in knowing our software and dedicated analysts are watching over your account.

Proactive Monitoring and Management
Our software can retrieve and display thousands of data points, graphs, reports, and trends. In order to show you the most helpful and applicable reports, our analysts configure the software to suit your needs. They do the hard work, condensing and analyzing your data and curating the new ads our machine creates. Throughout the entire process, they communicate and help you get the most use out of our services without having to expend extra time or resources.



Remove the time intensive complexities of ad management with thoughtful automation.


Continuously improve Quality Scores, Ad Relevance, and more with perfectly targeted ads.