Top Entertainment Company sees a significant lift in Google Ads conversion value with account structure optimization.

Increase in Search Impression Share
Increase in Click-Through Rate
Increase in Conversion Value


This leading global-entertainment company operates 50+ resorts and casinos across four continents. They spend $10M+ on Google Ads across several accounts. The company was looking to accelerate new customer acquisition while maintaining strict ROAS requirements. They leverage Motivemetrics software and services to manage their entire environment outside of bid management, inclusive of account/campaign structures, keyword management, and ad copy management. While our services are priced and designed to work independently of each other, when implemented as a total solution we deliver optimal results and continuous improvement.


Since Motivemetrics was introduced, search impression share increased by 75%, revenue increased by 22% all while maintaining a stringent ROAS target. CTR on average has doubled in the time period.

This data highlights the immediate effects the MotiveMetrics ASO Platform provides as well as the ability to continuously deliver improvement over time. The data confirms that improving the environment your keywords live in including developing better ad copy is the single most important thing you can do to generate on-going performance enhancements and fuel your bidding strategies.